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    14.2 easy to capsize?

    good day, i have a 14.2 and it has gone turtle on me quicker than i would have liked. after going over, the mast quickly filled with water and 180 she went! i have read that some people have rigged a mast float, i put that "expanding foam" stuff in the top of my mast so water may not fill...
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    what to fill mast with?

    thanks paul, i knew this was a good place for a quick answer. i will let my neighbor w/ the c 16.5 know as well.
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    what to fill mast with?

    hi all, i have a c14 and do like the boat. i did tip it this year for the first time and it turtled so fast! this also happened to a c 16.5 that is also on the lake this summer. i have head about the floats you can put at the top from hobie(?), but was wondering if it would interfer...