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    Painting the Transom

    I need to paint the transom on my 14.2 and was wondering if there is a "Catalina White". I realize that I can buy some white paint and fool around tinting it, but am hoping that someone has already been down this road and can recommend a ready-mixed available paint that is a good match. Any...
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    Spreader Tips and Shrouds

    That's a good tip abut slacking the turnbuckles between uses, Jim. That probably wouldn't have occurred to me. Thanks. Bruce Wright
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    Spreader Tips and Shrouds

    Thanks for your response Jim. I'd speculated about the safety wire idea that you described and now I know how to do it. I appreciate your comments about the vang and the main sheet. My problem with the OE shroud adjusters is that I didn't have any adjustment at all. The nominal "correct"...
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    Spreader Tips and Shrouds

    I'm in the process of replacing my old shrouds and found something I don't understand at the spreader tips. The old ones were covered with spreader boots. When I removed the boots I found that the shrouds were just loosely held by a slot in the spreader tip. Seems very insecure to me...
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    Just bought a Mod 2 Capri 14.2 and have been out sailing once. Great! But where's the downhaul? The wind was really light so I can't say I really needed it, but apparently they aren't so equipped. So how does it work out without a downhaul? Bruce Wright