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    Quick Halyard Cleat Question....

    ah yes, I forgot that. Tie the tail of the hailyard to the deck cleat/bullseye/bow handle/any fitting that's not broken off your ghetto boat :D
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    Quick Halyard Cleat Question....

    A mast cleat is quick and easy and solves your problem permanently. Also, sailing without a deck cleat or bullseye is easy and no need to tie the halyard to the bow handle (which is also prone to breaking). Hoist the sail, and then below the gooseneck tie a half hitch around the mast and then...
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    Rustoleum topside

    only matters on a boat that is left in the water long term. It works great on sunfish hulls.
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    Sunfish inspection port drying fan

    Nice! I was think about doing the same thing. Computer fans can be had cheap or free, and I've got tons of chargers I could cannibalize.
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    Rustoleum topside

    I sanded up to 220 before painting. I very lightly rubbed the 220 over it between coats by hand. I used fiberglass resin I had laying around to fill most of the spider cracks before sanding and you can't even tell they were there. I think this will be a durable fix for them, but no promises...
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    Transport Sunfish

    No friends with trucks or roof racks that you could trade cars with for the day?
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    AlCort Sunfish in kit form

    I think you'd be silly not to complete it. I'd LOVE to get my hands on an untouched kit from way back when and build it myself. Would be so much cooler than just buying a boat.
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    What model is it ? To restore or not to restore ??

    also check out intensity sails. they don't carry nearly as much as APS, but what they do carry, most is cheaper.
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    Rustoleum topside

    I didn't prime. I used a foam roller and tipped it with a cheapo foam brush. Came out awesome.
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    Rustoleum topside

    I did my painting in cooler weather than that. I'd guess humidity is killing you. either that or you got a bad batch of paint.
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    Rustoleum topside

    mine was fully cured in about 24 hours. What's your weather like? temperature and humidity? Also was the wood completely dry? If you're thinking about hitting it with rattle can, do a test with the topside paint on the fiberglass and see what it does.
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    Rub Rail Replacement

    No need to rent a grinder. You can buy a pneumatic die grinder at harbor freight for under $15. Or buy an electric name brand 4.5" grinder for about $60. Or a cheapo electric one from HF for like $20.
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    Daggerboard Vibration

    Mine does it when going downwind. Not a big deal, but you can pull it up. You don't really need it when running.
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    Custom Daggerboard also
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    Custom Daggerboard

    I used white oak for my tiller. It didn't seem very porus at all, and didn't absorb any varnish. Sanded it to a beautifully smooth finish and coated it. It came out looking awesome. The wood is very rigid, when sailing hard against 20mph winds it only bowed a tiny bit under the pressure. I...