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    Still hard to walk 3 days after long regatta

    A trick that has always worked for me is to put the boat away, than go for a jog, nothing insane just a good 3-4 miles at about a 9min/mile pace, then drink plenty of water (beer). it works for me but I'm ten years younger and I'd venture to guess in better physical shape then most due to my...
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    Win Laser 200,000 (

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    How to mount GoPro to Laser?

    Wife got me a GoPro for my birthday, I stuck the mount to the bow eye, tied off a small line from the camera to the bow eye, so far its worked fine. Looking at the video afterwards has helped me improve my sailing quite a bit too!
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    2011 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race: Open to Lasers as well

    Count me in, and maybe a plus one as well!
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    Laser Harken Vang System - New

    please e-mail me I am very interested. Thank you!
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    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    realizing that the 'bottleport' water bottle holder I installed earlier this season holds a bottle of Guinness perfectly! BRILLIANT!
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    Steady 20 right now...

    even on a rainy day at work I still get the urge to go sailing...
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    mast retention system

    Hike Harder!
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    Spring clothing question

    in Virginia I wear a 2/3 energy suit long legs short sleves, my hiking pads add another 3mm of neoprene from my knees to my chest, a spray top boots and gloves and I raced in that all winter. water temp was cold (30+) air temp was cool (normally 40+) but you can vary what you wear on personal...
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    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    simply getting out on the water, everything else pales in comparision
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    Calling 19,646 members...need 1 in 200 of you

    Sorry, work demands otherwise, situation critical
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    Should Hiking be banned??

    to the older athletes no longer able to handle the physical strains, I feel your pain, college rugby followed by years of operational combat deployments have left me physically worn out with painful joints and will soon be in your shoes, hence the masters divisions where you don't have to be...
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    Light Wind Sail Settings

    concur 100%!
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    Uses of Grab rails

    Re: Grab rails Concur!