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    For Sale: mast, boom and sails

    update All, The sails are white, the main and jib are original. I have included an extra main. The Capri hull number is 1195 and model C14. Included are some pictures of sails, boat, and parts. Parts are for sale as a package. List includes; rudder, rudder bracket, tiller and new mahogany...
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    For Sale: mast, boom and sails

    Color Color of the boat, trailer? Parts? Sails?
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    For Sale:  mast, boom and sails

    The boat is sold Sad Story, I was working on my Capri at my apartment complex and a drunk driver hit it a 3 other cars. :mad: The impact is on the hull/deck joint, trashing the boat and the trailer. All beyond my skill sets to restore. So I have all the hardware, mast, boom, hiking stick...