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    Sunfish Overhead

    This is the Caribbean...I think it might be something other than a cigarette??
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    Sunfish Overhead

    Drone video of sunfish sailing in the Caribbean.. bob pattison
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    Neil Pryde Sunfish sail area

    I never understood why the sail was listed at 75 sqft...<grin> you can do the math or visit: Triangle Area Calculator - Side Side Side Our sail area is based the total area of all the panels...and remember the sails are not flat...there is a lot of luff round and foot round... bob pattison
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    Mini Fish Sails New

    For all the minifishers that have lamented a good source of sails. Rejoice! We have them in stock now, 'patriot' color scheme. Bob Pattison Neil Pryde Sails
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    Sunfish Sails

    We do! :) bp
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    Sunfish Sails

    Your point as to a policy on the racing sails to encourage people to buy and only race with them only may be, I don't know. But what I am saying is that it is entirely possible to make a recreational sail fuller than a racing sail. That would be a marketing effort outside of the 'sailmaking'...
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    Sunfish Sails

    Sail shape depends on how it is designed 3-dimensionally can have flat racing sails or full ones and conversely you can have flat or full colored sails. 'recreational' does not make one fuller or flatter....this is a miss-conception. The 'shape' is a combination of luff/foot curve and...
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    Minifish sails!

    For many on the forum who have asked us about mini-fish sails...I thought you would like to know that we are now going to build and stock some. Unlike our Sunfish sails, these will be in one color combo only (red, white, blue) until or if demand makes us rethink them. The sails are 66.8sqft and...
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    Sail Stain

    There is a product called 'whink' or wink that is rust remover that might remove this stain..we have used it on other metal and rust stains on sails. bob pattison neilpryde sails int
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    Sunfish sails

    Neil Pryde sunfish sails have been the topic of many threads here... and I just wanted to let the group know that we have updated our website and our sunfish page changed with the new Joomla page, so old link does not work. The new address for our sunfish sails is...