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    Centerboard seal

    silicone sealant Using cove moulding is brilliant! I have the same problem of deteriorated c.b. gaskets. Beware when using silicone sealant...1. it doesn't stick to anything and 2. when the part is removed it leaves a coating that nothing will stick to! You may take it I hate the stuff for...
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    New Cuddy Door Pictures - Remove storage bin

    in the cave Good rebuild! With metal: unlike metals react and corrode. All C.14.2s must have problems with the cheap plywood used under the deck... your beefing up the mast support sounds like a good idea.
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    Hiking straps for 1991

    DiY hiking straps I made hiking straps fore and aft of 2 inch wide webbing, sewed 2" wide Vencro, one foot long both hook and fur, to the straps which went through the eye slot and velcroed to it's mate on the other side. They were cheap, easy to make, easily adjustable ( just rip open the...
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    New Cuddy Door Pictures - Remove storage bin

    RAVEX1049. Not broke, but can be improved..? That looks much better than the original flaky door! Marine plywood is fine for this work. North of the 49th. we have light summer winds in between howling Northers or Southers, Westers or Easters and I have worried about capsizing and flooding the...
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    Has anyone tried a forefin design on either rudder or centerboard? Slotted below water planes? Comments?
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    boom traveller

    trapeze Hi THedstrom Up here ( Vancouver Island) year round water temp. is about 42 C. Always cold! I wear a wetsuit sailing .... or die. Trapezeing single handed is such a Waaaahooo and worth an occasional dousing. Has anyone tried it on a Capri? Did the mast collapse? Did you drown? Did...
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    boom traveller

    traveller Not broke, but can be improved. Purists are welcome to ignore. I like the original but will like the "improved" version also. I'm also playing with the possibility of slinging a traeze, but doubt the rigging is sturdy enough. Comments please. I believe the original sheet/traveller to...
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    boom traveller

    1. I've modified the awful traveller/mainsheet arrangement at the transome and wonder if anyone has tried to do a traveller directly under the boom mainsheet and completely across the hull-deck? 2. Rolly Tasker sails make high quality sails and are reasonably priced. Has anyone tried a larger...