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    Talk like a Pirate day Sat.

    Pirate?! Oh crap, I thought it said Primate! Guess that explains today's strange reactions. :eek:
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    sunfish sailing in Great Britain

    Webfoot: "Anyone know the cost of getting a container to the UK?" Maybe in the cargo hold of Air Force One the next time Michelle pops over to Harrods for a wardrobe update? Just a thought. :D
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    Beat This

    Sounds like it's time for a bike ride. :D
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    Do a search on this forum for "varnish." You'll see many good pointers and suggestions. I have a tip from recent personal experience: avoid letting your hair come in contact with the freshly varnished (still wet) piece of wood. It screws up both the varnish job and your hair. Steve
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    Tornado hits Canandaigua Yacht Club

    Heartbreaking. Reminds me of marina photos after a hurricane.
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    New Fish

    Nice Sunfish, nice Mustang too.
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    HELP! Wedding Attire

    Happy Wife = Happy Life.
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    Beware of eBay new Neil Pryde sail rip off Sailsport Marine is selling brand new Neil Pryde sails for the Sunfish for $315, discounted for August to only $236. Hmmmm...I guess $195 on eBay is a good deal after all. Once...
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    Beware of eBay new Neil Pryde sail rip off

    In that regard, you probably have never gotten a good deal on anything because no matter what you have purchased, someone somewhere has most likely been able to find it for less or been a better negotiator than you. Again, if you are happy with the purchase price and the seller is happy with the...
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    Beware of eBay new Neil Pryde sail rip off

    I've always heard that a "good deal" is one in which the buyer and seller both walk away happy, regardless of what any outside party thinks about it. Having once been a car salesman, I sold cars at full list price to incredibly satisfied buyers who referred others to me, and I sold cars below...
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    1974 Guppy 13ft. Cabin Cruiser

    Cool little boat!
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    Sunfish Sailor Missing in Lake Michigan

    Not a good ending. Unfortunately, they found the Doctor's body on an Indiana beach late Saturday. He was still wearing his life jacket and was an avid boater and accomplished scuba diver, so it sure makes one wonder what happened. Also from southern Lake Michigan this month: Man hit by...
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    Sunfish Sailor Missing in Lake Michigan

    Coast Guard Searching For Missing Boater Mike Krauser Reporting CHICAGO (WBBM) -- Coast Guard crews are searching a huge area in Lake Michigan off Miller Beach, for a missing sailor who has not been heard from since Wednesday. Gary dentist Steven Banks was in a small boat, his wife says...
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    sealant under coaming/splashguard?

    Sorry, I had searched the archives for an answer but it wasn't until I posted my question that I saw the "caulking of splashguard" message from 2004 under "related posts." Steve