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    why do people use compasses?

    Hola. I use mine for thursday night racing and for sunday races. Both are mixed fleets between big spin "A" boats down to centerboard classes. We go around fixed marks depending on the wind direction and strength. I use the compass on those races to try to figure out what is the bearing...
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    Close haul tacking

    Hola. I do not know you but yesterday I thought of I tacked, the main sheet got caught on a side deck cleat and busted it!! I hardly ever use the deck cleats, this one for sure is gone. SO as it happened, I thought about that guy who sails without them and got a chuckle. I will...
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    Help determining sail number

    Hola. I got this from the internet sometime ago to check on mine...hope it helps 1. Sail Number: Check the transom of your boat for the serial number, it'll look something like this: a. PFS 80000 L879 or SLI F1234 F494 or PSC D4444 L586 b. On older Lasers the last four...
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    Wanted: competitive laser in south east

    hola. check your email buddy and welcome to the laser bunch!! be well Antolin
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    Clew Sleeve or Velcro Strap

    so velcro strap sucks!! I reverted to tying the clew down with a line around the boom...that never loosens and slides fairly ok...I probably had the cheapest velcro strap ever ha ha ha
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    SunCoast-DIYC (Florida) Laser Regatta August 14th

    Hola. We are ready for you. Where are you traveling from? Have you been at Davis Island before? good luck Antolin
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    SunCoast-DIYC (Florida) Laser Regatta August 14th

    Hola We are building a laser fleet out of our Davis Island YC down here in Florida. Our laser fleet and club races are open to ALL. Our next laser regatta laser regatta open to masters, youth, all rigs welcomed is scheduled for August 14th. Entry fee $5.00 visit the club's web page for...
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    Laser Radial or Sunfish for a Old Man

    hola. I am no expert but, I have sailed both (learned on a sunfish) and you are right for most of the feelings you expressed. SO my 2 cents are: 1- both boats are a lot of fun, the sunfish is more forgiving with those hard chines and kick up rudder 2- I find that the laser is a better...
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    remembering race course??

    I keep a pencil on my lifejacket and write the courses on the deck. I also use the "sentence" idea of sailorchick...sometimes lewd sentence but it is just so I can remember the club level our marks are letters. are awesome always sailing without gloves...more power...
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    Hull number

    hola...thanks but remember, I just copy paste that poorly spelled answer from the internet.... slif5456j495 reporting for duty sir Antolin CHEESECAKE Standard rig
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    Hull number

    hla...this comes from the open internet but is what I sued to decode my laser hull number..good luck...Antolin ======================= 1. Sail Number: Check the transom of your boat for the serial number, it'll look something like this: a. PFS 80000 L879 or SLI F1234 F494 or PSC...
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    I paid my dues today...

    hola. I paid my dues into the laser class last night... be well keep the laser one design not variegated Antolin
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    racing watches

    Hola. I have "el cheapo" casio with a countdown...take the 4 mins and go from there...easy to use, can't beat the price, and it has indiglo!! so cool!! I have a compass on deck because my normal racing is done in a course rounding preset need the compass to get around...the "big"...
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    Can anyone explain me about laser's photochemical effect?

    one more that photonics a new kind of laser model?...the new and improved with carbon fiber parts?... is that class legal now?
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    Can anyone explain me about laser's photochemical effect?

    I have an older laser that is still quite over powering at times. my common reaction is a tingle all over the skin when I am exposed to her beams. the tingle subsides the farther away from its station...but then I want more...I think the effect is called addiction - withdrawal syndrome...