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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    OK here's the pic. The unit's in there real tight, machined with incredible precision!
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    Trolling Motor Size and Mounting Question

    What year was your boat built? I think the Mod 2's and later have a reinforced transom, mine is a Mod 1 (1986) which is hollow in between. If that's what you have don't just clamp a motor on there, there's no meat. Let me know and I can talk you through it if needed.....
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    Just an introduction...

    Howdy I just completed my first full season with swing keel Capri and can give you a few observations. First that there's a world of difference between mine and your fixed keel version, and it's a trade-off. If you're a single hander and do a fair amount of trailering you're best off with my...
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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    Hokay I'll give it a shot tomorrow after work. I have a techie buddy there, should be able It's 100+ heat index in Chicago this PM so I'm either working on my boat in the garage or lounging around in my pool !
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    Capri 14.2 Baby Bob fitted

    Howdy! I also mounted my Bob using a bracket that was fabricated for me by a gentleman that has built more than a few of these. Now mine inserts into the top of the mast also but stops just short of the sheave. I drilled the holes for the through bolt 1/4" diameter which left 1/8" worth of...
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    Stepping the mast with roller furling setup

    Hey Bud It's really a lot easier than you think ! I'm almost 65 slightly above average shape for my age, and frequently raise/lower alone with no worries. I also have the 14.2 swing board model. So here's the skinny: 1. Make up a crutch out of 2x4's that holds mast about 30" off the floor...
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    Bow U bolt replacement

    Yep agreed it can be a bit dicey in the heavy wind. Next year when I have a few bucks I will have a weld / fab shop construct a custom steel keel, built to the maximum weight that the setup will handle. I bet that will help a lot. Would have loved to have found a fixed keel version but unless...
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    My Motor Mount

    I think the issue would be removing/replacing motor off the mount and storing it while underway. As a singlehander it's hard enough to do all the boathandling work on this tender little boat as it is. Under dicey conditions I could end up in the drink along with the motor!
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    Bow U bolt replacement

    I can't imagine how to access the area! My version 1 has the trailer line attached to the foredeck plate above which is inferior to having it attach to the eye like yours. I wanted to look into ways to install an eye there but it seemed impossible. Try Catalina Tech support 916-843-1971 Tues/Fri...
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    Yes I understand your complaints, I bought my 1986 version 1 for $1200 and knew it would take a lot of work to get it where it needed to be. My few shakedown sails last fall confirmed much of what you say here. Issues and how I dealt with them: 1. Yes the boat is a bit overcanvassed and gets...
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    My Motor Mount

    Good Day to All! That's an interesting concept for sure. I already sunk about $580 into what I discuss below so I'm committed! Here's what I see with my Minkota 30 installed on the mount supplied by Catalina Direct...
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    Capri 14.2 crew weight questions

    I plan on dealing with strong winds by reducing sail sizing accordingly. Have done the following: 1. Reef points installed on main. Also added the "boomkicker" to eliminate the need for a topping lift. It works great. 2. I researched the costs and logistics for installing roller furling and...
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    The Greg Coats boarding ladder installation

    So now that I have my Garelick ladder I ponder the 2 mounting options: 1. With full backer board and mounting unit through the eye bolts... Good because of stronger mounting design, easier to grab on because it's angled out from the boat. But huge question is that the bottom rung is probably...
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    My Motor Mount

    So let's say you keep your battery in the cuddy and the boat capsizes? A 25 or 30 pounder would be like a loose cannon! My 1986 Mod 1 has a pair of wood upright supports between deck and hull which I plan on using to secure the sealed box I will build. I decided to trade off extra running time...
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    Optimist mast floats

    10-4 on that! The good things about electrical option are: 1. Lower purchase and operating costs. 2. Lighter weight on the transom. And battery can be installed up front for better balance. 3. Ability to use the motor on smaller lakes that don't allow gas ones (huge!). 4. Quiet and fume free...