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    Re-Gelcoating entire deck

    I reckon painting or re-gelcoating adds weight so might consider living with what you have. My tuppence worth Steve
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    Carbon filler - pin hole worn through

    As a Sunday Sailor I'd love to b e given the odd cast off carbon tiller If so I'd chuck a bit of fibreglass in and re-drill the hole Steve
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    Heart Rate Monitor

    I sailed a masters event a few years back with one sailor a severe Diabetic. His Laser came with, and my memory lapses, either a unit that reported to shore that he had stopped moving and required rescue, or a unit that reported blood sugar to shore. Seemed to me to be a great idea to allow all...
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    Did he, or didn't he? World Cup Laser medal race

    I am unsure, what with telephotos and such, but I would suggest that what appears to be a touch of the mark is actually a pull on the mainsheet as he prepares to gybe Steve and Alex from Indented Head
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    Dimension of this part...

    24 mm on the one I measured out of our spares box Steve - Indented Head YC
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    Securing boat from theft

    If you are really concerned: which is more important? The boat or the concert? Should you drop one? Steve & Alex from Indented Head
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Unlike Ian I have seen some one lift the entire pre-rigged rig into the boat I covered my wife's eyes and took her home Steve
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Lifting the entire rig from the ground to the boat defeats me, so I go for first pref Steve
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    Listening to music on the water

    On a good day I sing Gilbert & Sullivan Steve
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    Help finding a spare part

    Hi Joel No problems Steve & Alex
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    Help finding a spare part

    Hi Joe Cost us nothing (came with other stuff) therefore no cost Let us have an address and we will post Steve & Alex
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    Help finding a spare part

    If you get really, really, really desperate I have one in my box of bits which is of little use to me But I'd think about updating and replacing with a screw type fitting Steve & Alex Indented Head - Victoria - Australia
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    Race rule for start and finish line

    Re Q 2 Suspect that prior to start there is no proper course so you can luff to head to wind, but after start you cannot luff above proper course (which may be moot as to what is) Rule 17 Re Q 3 The zone does not apply as not approaching windward mark and if at starting mark rather think that...
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    Handicapping in a one-design fleet

    At our club we use a program called "Sail 100", but there are others. It adjusts individual H/C's each race over a season/ I inherited it from whoever found it first and it is designed to allow for mixed racing or for different standards. It is a lot of work but satisfying for me when I can...
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    Laser accessories/parts

    This looks pristine. Why change it by up dating? Leave it as a classic Laser Steve/Alex