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    Has anyone sailed with their dog?

    Forgot that once my friend was in trouble in his small boat and he started Dobe let out a cry and jumped in the water to "save" our friend. Needless to say, we had to save the Dobe first and then our friend.
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    Has anyone sailed with their dog?

    HI, I sail in my "car topable" Snark on ponds with my 90 lb. Dobe and my 5 1/2 lb. Minipin. The both wear life jackets. It's quite a scene. When I pull out the boat, they go wild but both are good sailors which means they sit quietly. Dobe's paws are the equivalent of fists for swimming but...
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    Alcort Hilu for sale

    Hi, I would like to sell my Alcort Hilu (AMF made in the 70's). It is an outrigger with one hull about 14' and the other 10'. It has a trampoline connecting the two hulls. It is in good shape with all parts useable. I have sailed it in Martha's Vineyard and Nova Scotia. I actually made a...
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    HILU Alcort AMF

    HI, I have an Alcort Hilu for many years. I have sailed it in Nova Scotia (probably crazy of me) and in Queens, NY. I am actually thinking of selling it, if you are still interested. Mine is about 14' and 10.' I'll measure it. I made a nest for it for transport on the top of a car. It...