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    Replacing Original Cockpit Drain

    Awesome, thanks for your help. I'll have a go at it!
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    Replacing Original Cockpit Drain

    Ohhhhh. That makes more sense. I read through several threads and I must have missed that...seems like something so simple. Thanks for that! On my boat, the hole is plenty large enough to accommodate the brass fitting. The issue for me is that it seems the hole is located so close to the...
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    Replacing Original Cockpit Drain

    I'm curious if anyone has done this. I'm trying to make the copper cockpit drain assembly seat properly against the back of the cockpit and can't seem to get a good fit. The odd-shaped washer does not want to lie flat against the cockpit wall. I've cleaned off any of the old sealant and old...
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    Sombody's aiming a green laser inside my house

    You'll probably need to do a mast step repair.