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    Looking for Vanguard 470 parts

    Hello, I have an early model Vanguard 470 that I require some pieces for. I am looking for a centreboard, and a complete tiller handle and extension, a head stock and a blade. The party that previously owned this boat in particular had no idea how to look after this boat, and as such the boat is...
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    Early 1980 and 1970s Vintage 470 Boat Parts and Sails

    I have an early model vanguard 470 and I am looking for a centreboard if available? Please message me at thank you
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    Brand New Simon Cooke Centerboard for Sale

    Interested in the centre board if still available? Message me at please
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    470 Centerboard available

    Interested in the centreboard is it still available?
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    Sell 470 daggerboard and rudder blade, dolly and sails.

    Interested can you send some pictures of all and what make they are?