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    A question on using class legal sails

    It depends if you finish first or last place in the regatta or somewhere in between
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    1970s official laser compass

    It could be used to make a perpetual trophy for some event
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    Bottom compound and wax

    To Wax, or Not to Wax: An Engineering Perspective
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    Trailer question

    Add rails to carry the boat upside down on the deck
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    Wanted, sails for vintage restoration

    I have 2 sets, 6 sails and a rudder in So Cal
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    Minimum bar separation for car topping?

    Get a trailer hitch and one of these
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    Spar caddy

    Marine grade fir plywood
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    Spar caddy

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    Trailer, dolly or both?

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    Newbie with rig and dolly issue

    Try this
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    How to get into Laser Racing?

    Start here ILCA-NA District 12
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    Home Grown Laser Hydrofoils

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    No trolley (dolly)

    not mine but probably an all thread all the way through
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    No trolley (dolly)