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    need a tiller handle

    You could make one fairly easily. timber handle and poly extension. put a little wedge on the tiller so that it doesn't scrape the deck and use the ronstan universal joint to connect the extension. the extension should be as long as the tiller and the tiller should stick out around 5cm into the...
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    Wanted:USED Radial or 4.7 rig in NSW

    Hey guys. looking for a used radial or 4.7 sail and mast in NSW, Australia i used a 4.7 on sunday and found it a lot easier in strong winds with my sub 70KG weight. contact me with a reply or email: thanks alot, Will
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    For my first laser regatta it was pretty good fun. thanks will
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Hey guys Nsw Inland sailors rule. We take on the most variable flukey conditions in the world. Wallerawang is great and Southern Highlands (fitzroy falls) is my home club hey chris, hopefully i'll come to the regatta again next year, was a great weekend. will