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    2009 Full Rig (San Francisco, CA) w/ Trailer $4750

    2009 (#196078) Full Rig w/ Dolly and Kitty Hawk Trailer. $4750. ($4000 without trailer)
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    2013 US Champs

    anybody know when and where this regatta is? thanks!
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    Best Place To Live In The Us This Summer For Laser Sailing?

    live near the marina in San Francisco. Great breeze, tough fleet, world class city
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    Best Way To Carry Drinking Water

    excellent post cskudder. cheers to you!
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    3rd annual Charlotte Harbor Regatta set for Feb. 2-5, 2012

    oppps, meant to bump this thread. are the FL laser guys gonna show for this event??? C'MON, TIME TO REGISTER!!
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    Need Charter For Charlotte Harbor Regatta 2012

    Hey all, any shot I could charter or borrow a boat for CHR 2012? In exchange I can provide you with lodging if you'd like to come out to SF Bay for a regatta (or a boat if its a masters event, as im not quite eligible for masters yet...) cheers, Mike
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    CA DMV registration stickers

    just be sure to remove old ID numbers and expired stickers... i got pulled over once in my laser in michigan due to an expired sticker. so i just removed all evidence of it ever being registered, etc, and had no further issues
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    none of us have any real reason or evidence to dispute this, the class is acting in the best interests of the sailors, they have no reason not to! feeling better about my yes vote. i'm assuming this is was a very high priced, uber experienced attorney that recommended this?
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    rather than try to understand the complexities of the dispute, perhaps it would be simpler if Tracy, or whoever is in the know, lay out the most likely outcome and future developments of laser sailing if the vote fails, and if the vote is passed. is the "kirby dinghy" a real possibility?
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    1992 Laser

    2,000 seems quite high for a '92. what did it cost new?
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    id add in a coach carrying spare parts, tiller extensions, etc as a pretty big advantage during an event, should they be needed. the super fast guys are gonna be up there coach or no coach. id say the middle of the fleet guys have the most to gain by a good coach during an event...
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    seems a little silly to write the rules based on the 5-10% of people that use coaches at events. sailors that already have an incredible advantage based on having a coach, video or not. these are coaches that already are pretty familiar with their clients, techniques and movements. they are at...
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    cefalu has good points... but when i coached optis, the gucci gear, albeit great quality was far more expensive than the standard spars, and for example a stiff expensive black gold boom is way faster in breeze than a cheap club boom. but the bottom line is that the laser stuff could be of...
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    but coaches can already film the whole fleet or their clients during races and review that footage between races, no? maybe im not following this argument if someone is already getting coached, i dont see having a camera on board as making as big of a difference as someone who is not getting...
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    2011 Rule Changes - NOT Fundamental Rule

    agree 100% steve. it seems that the powers that be, the kind of folk who can hire a coach to watch and coach them all day, would prefer that your avg sailor that can't hire a coach for every regatta not have the playing field leveled just slightly by being able to analyze their performance...