Winter Collegiate Sailing Gear?!

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by ChalmersP, Sep 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys! Its been a while since ive posted, since then ive moved from Southwest Florida to New York for college... Im really looking forward to college sailing, as ill be doing both keelboat and dinghie. BUT being from Florida, the only gear I have is spray top/pants, a few warm longsleeve shirts and a beanie... I know ill need a drysuit at some point up here, but what else am I missing? Any favorites you guys have?!
    Thanks a bunch!
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    Polypropolene layers (like under armour) with fleece, drysuit and gloves. Lots of people wear thin liners with rubber cleaning gloves on top.

    Colie sails is giving 15 % discounts to collegiate sailors and if you call them they'll be able to tell what other gear you need.
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    Buy a good set of Salopettes (and the matching spraytops if you want) and you might have to buy a drysuit. My school requires them for fall and spring sailing. The Salopettes and Hooded spraytop combined with some sort of dry sock is the best combo and is the most cost effictive.

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