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2013 470 National Championships

Open to Men/Mixed Gender/Women
Clinic by US Coach Romain Bonnaud on Friday November 22nd
Racing November 23rd-24th 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (confirmed)
Event Website; http://cgsc-nac.sailspace.net/
Lauderdale Yacht Club http://www.lyc.org/web/guest/regattas
NOR: http://www.lyc.org/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=fe96adff-3347-49e2-919b-572e3dd6d34c&groupId=14
Registration; http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=872

2014 470 North American Championships

Open to Men/Mixed Gender/Women
January 18-20, 2014 – Miami, Florida
Coconut Grove Sailing Club (CGSC)
NOR available at website

2014 470 North American Rolex Miami OCR

Open to Men/Mixed Gender/Women
January 25 – February 1, 2014 – at the US Sailing Center, Miami, Florida
NOR available at website

2014 Midwest Regattas and the High Performance Dinghy Open

Spring Opeka Regatta May 17-18,
Lake Carlyle May 24-25,
Doug Drake Opeka Invitational July 12-13
NEW: Verve Cup inshore on August 23-24 (Belmont harbor - Chicago) Friday clinic??
The Milwaukee Bay One Design Regatta, (470 Lake Michigan Championship) September 6-7
Whale of a Sail, Lake Carlyle, September 13-14
Dolphin October 5th

High Performance Dinghy Open, at Rye, New York, October 11-12
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