Torch regatta in Ohio - World's first Torch regatta?

Discussion in 'Laser News Desk' started by beldar boathead, Apr 12, 2013.

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    There are probably many people who sail locally and might even be class members, but don't do much sailing online and have no idea about the current drama. They will read a notice for "Torch regatta" and pass right over it. Not a very good way to advertise your regatta.

    I suppose they are some regatta organizers with the preposterous idea they will be sued for using the word "Laser" to advertise their regatta.
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    I do think its a little early to brand a regatta as a "Torch" event. It's probably a little early for this to, but I have added some subtle branding changes to include the Torch name on the forum. I do want to help educate folks slowly as the change happens(?). If/when Torches are being manufactured in the US/Europe/Asia, I'll make some major branding changes on the forum to include the new boat.

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