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Discussion in 'Laser News Desk' started by TLF, Dec 28, 2009.

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    One of the first Laser dealers on the planet, Sailing Specialists of Williams Bay, Wisconsin, is closing its shop location as of December 29, 2009. The business was established in 1971 by Bob and Jane Pegel. They not only sold Lasers...

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    In the MId Nineties the O'Days were to be held in Milwaukee. There was some sort of push going on by UUSailing to spend less money on it's premiere championship

    But the USSailing guidelines for their championship event, about which they didn't give a hoot, called for new identical boats.

    I showed up at the event as a competitor and Bob told me, "Be nice to the boats. I bought them all."

    I have already done this a few times before but never enough>>>

    Thanks Bob!!!

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