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Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by gouvernail, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Tonight I was having a discussion with a well meaning official at my local sailing club.
    He thought my NOR for the Easter Laser Regatta was not so wonderful because it is not official enough. example>>

    He suggested I should do something more boring ( his words) like this example>>>

    OK, What I feel we have is a general failure to communicate or understand the nature of the NOR.

    Some might say the NOR is a tool for the purpose of sending out rules and an invitation.

    I say the NOR is a tool to get people to come play with us. (me)

    My feeling is the very most important thing a NOR needs to accomplish is to get people to come. Certainly it also has to spell out the rules nd conditions and all the gobbledygook but...
    None of that means a damn thing to anyone EXCEPT those who are planning to come.

    My reason for posting this note is my concern that sailing organizers everywhere are emphasizing the wrong part of their chores.
    We shouldn't invite people to regattas.
    WE should make them want to come.

    A NOR is not just a notice, It is a sales pitch.

    Have I written enough such that a few of you can restate and better explain my point??
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    "Howdy" gov,
    tell this `commodore┬┤ with the "admirals-blazer on and captains-hat on his edge-head", he do understand nothing, really nothing...

    I say, "because" this special way of handling all, makes this regatta a big event that is known up to here where I live at ("orbit Europe").

    At the sailing club, in my direct neighborhood, where I have been in since I was 6 (and with a breake of 22 years now again), such a sort of people always have "stolen the breath" of that members, that honoray and very active bring the club and all in all positive forward. This I learnt, since my time I have been in the leadership at the youth sector of the club: not let words of such "sea men" do come "to far in into the head"- you understand me? :)

    If sailors, f.e. like the LooserLu of GER with his "English for runaways" undertands your NOR - then be sure, that all the others are able to undertand your NOR's, too.

    To prove your words, gov, from here I can say, that f.e. the famous event "Kiel Week" is running successful this way you describe above, since many-many years. There, at KYC, they never "invinte" sailors, but however, from all over the world, thousands of entusiasic active sportsmen/-women, that loves to sail and race, every year again, join that family for a week or 2 at that small bay there, although it is not even cheap.... ;)

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    I reckon it's a great NoR. Just as you say, we should be trying to put the fun back into the regattas and this sort of thing gives just the right message right from the start.
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    Your NOR is going to be the inpiration of all my future NORs !!
    ... hmm or last regatta is the Sunday before Halloween. Do I hear the Great Pumpkin rustling in the patch :)


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