Proposed changes to ILCA Class Rules

Discussion in 'Laser Class Politics' started by SFBayLaser, Nov 10, 2004.

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    On the ILCA website are described five proposed changes to the class rules. There is also a form on this page for class members to vote on these changes.
    If you are a class member please go to, review the proposals and vote!
    If you are not a class member, then go the and join first, then go vote!
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    Changes to ILCA Class Rules??

    What my serious question is: What´s about the other needfull changes I read about (f.e. here: and here: and heard (f.e. at this Forums-politics-discussion-area some month ago).

    As long nobody explains me objective the reasons for not starting serious to correct the Laserclassrules to a cleaner and more ambigiousless version, I see no reason to vote positive for any tiny change of the rules. This, may some people say, is silly. But maybe other people, that have really a brain, understand why I (and probably also other) do this. Or in other words: What´s the need of polishing small cracks on one side of the the hull when the other half of the hull is heavy dammaged and nobody really cares about.

    Happy racing on official ILCA-events!
    (one of the few 170000 nonracing-recreational Laserites, that not really have to care about Laserclassrules, haha :p)

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