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    I am never able to find good pictures of lasers online. The best picture I have ever found is my backround, but there just aren't very many good pictures! So why dont we get some up at
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    Visit the ILCA web site:

    Visit the "Events" section (which you can get to via the Site Map).

    You will find there links to most recent World Championships, etc. Some of the shots are AMAZING! Especially those from the Cancun Worlds (MEX).

    Remember that for any use, you must get permission from the photographers, though.

    For more "artistic" pictures, try the "Laser Artistry" section of drLaser for the works of leading photographers such as Onne van der Wal.

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    Thanks Shevey! The pictures are really cool. I now have an unlimited source of backrounds for my computer!
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    i don't get it. i go to events and find all this event kinda stuff. where are the pictures?!?

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