Norlantic SB 100 Dingy (Manufacture Date?)

Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by SmoothSailing, Oct 19, 2015.

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    I've recently been given a previously enjoyed (red) "Norlantic SB 100" inflatable, which someone had been using as a dingy, on their sailboat.

    Anyone have any idea how I determine the official year of this craft, (for Pennsylvania boat registration purposes)? I've got the HIN, but can't seem to locate much, if anything on-line about these Norlantic vessels.
    What I could find is that they had apparently been produced by "E & B Marine, Inc." which, best I can tell, had been a competitor of, and later bought out by West Marine, quite possibly in the late '90's.

    Otherwise, the most informative on-line source I've been able to locate for this craft, is somebody else selling the exact same model, here. I may just text them, in case they know...but thought I might check here first.

    I'd love to find a free, downloadable Owner's Manual, and learn about what kits best work as far as patching up a very minor hole or two, if anyone's got access to such documentation or knowledge of these I'm not even certain what material this is, offhand.

    Thanks in advance!

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