New Format As Of Feb 11, 2012

Discussion in 'Forum Support Discussion' started by Wavedancer, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Wavedancer

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    Comments; better or worse?
  2. 203

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    Looks nice, it's more 'square' .. I use wide screen 16:9 video so it wastes lots of side space on my screen. Might be that I have something set wrong.
  3. Bradley

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    It is a bit more square and moves the extra space outside the content instead of inside the content.

    There are a few new features you can now take advantage of:
    -What's New Control
    Hide forums you are not interested from your custom What's New page.

    - Tabbed Forum Access.
    Quickly access the forum sections you are interested in the most.

    - Thread View Box on TLF / TSF home pages for easy access to different forum views.

    - Back end improvements and bug fixes.

    Are there any other areas you would like to see improved?
  4. danpal

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    Hi Bradley,

    Is there a way to turn off the "Most Viewed Threads" box on the right? It takes up a bunch of real estate and doesn't add much info at least from my perspective.



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