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Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by nrmccabe, Mar 22, 2012.


How much do I sell my 1983 Laser with lots of gear?

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  1. nrmccabe

    nrmccabe New Member

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    I have a 1983 laser it in pretty good shape. Mast step is good. It leaks around the deck but not to much. I have lot of gear. Two sails one (used sail) Used about ten times. The other one good shape but old. new racing lines,trailer with 1 bad wheel, bags for mast,boom, ruddler and centerboard and tiller. Top cover. Racing compass. maybe a little bit more gear. My question is how much do you think I can sell it for. i want to be fair. I look forward in hearing what you have to say. Thanks Neil
  2. deeman

    deeman Member

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    Guessing around $1500. Really depends where you are too.
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  3. stuck in the 80s

    stuck in the 80s Member

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    Put it on ebay & let the market decide its value.
  4. Merrily

    Merrily Administrator Staff Member

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    I don't understand how to use your poll.
  5. Wavedancer

    Wavedancer Upside down? Staff Member

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    You wrote "it leaks around the deck but not too much"
    Why not fix that issue first? I would be hesitant to buy a hull with that sort of problem.
  6. laserxd

    laserxd Member

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    you might be able to get around $1000, if you have a dolly, trailer and all the spars, rigging ect,

    check your local craiglist listings and the classifieds on here, then interpolate

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