My 100$ Sunfish find

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by Joeslost, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Joeslost

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    Hey guys just picked up a second fish for 100$! Its pretty rough but I think I made out well. The sail is immaculate and there are two daggerboards. The upper spar is bent, the auto bailer is trashed and it needs all new lines. There are some pretty bad repair jobs on the hull. Let me know what you guys think!

    IMG_20170730_195244.jpg IMG_20170730_195254.jpg IMG_20170730_195305.jpg IMG_20170730_195314.jpg IMG_20170731_110951.jpg IMG_20170731_110953.jpg
  2. jleonard99

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    Great deal there, the sail looks new and the two daggerboards are definitely a plus. Boat is nice color design. I'm sure you can fix it up nice.
  3. CodyPereira

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    Looks great! I am sure that fish will look like new once repairs are made. Awesome find for the price...
  4. Light and Variable Winds

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    The deal is OK. :oops:

    None of us are jealous.

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  5. mixmkr

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    Alright!! I'm always amazed at some of the repair jobs people do. You might think they put gelcoat on with a toothbrush or a big ole mop. Resin 6" away from the repair. My O my.... ;-D
  6. Webfoot1

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    I've noticed boats get different quality repairs as they age. I get boats
    where I see professional repairs when the boat is new and sloppy repairs
    as the boat goes through it third or forth owner. The final owner has the
    boat taking damage as it's kicked around the property with no repairs done.
    Something about diminishing pride of ownership. If you fix up a Sunfish there
    are always kids ready to use it to learn sailing. What always surprises me is
    people sailing a Sunfish that are full of holes ie. every summer camp you've ever
    been to.
  7. Alan S. Glos

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    As long as the hull is not waterlogged, you got a good deal. You can even un-bend the top spar - see the topic on the FAQ on the tool bar at the top of this Forum page.

    Alan Glos
    Cazenovia, NY

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