Mini-Sunfish vs. Sunfish

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by kaitiger2, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Wondering if anyone knows if a mini-sunfish and sunfish use the same size sail?

    (I have 2 minifish that I am using to introduce my children, nephews and neighbors to sailing with. They were excellent finds (albeit in not perfect condition) which I have $100 and $250 invested in. They seem to be slightly different in size (perhaps based on the year--both of which I would guess to be 70s or 80s). They have different sized centerboards (one is longer and slightly wider than the other- as is the hull)

    The sails on both could use replacing --- I see many sunfish sails for sale but rarely anything for the mini-sunfish. Has anyone sailed both types? Are they similar in performance?

    I am always looking to purchase another one or two to add to the "fleet" ---- I would actually eventually like to start a sailing camp. Has anyone heard of marinas/club/camps that occasionally upgrade their boats and let the older one go at reasonable prices?

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    Minifish specific parts are no longer available. The boat went out of production in 1983. However, most of the parts are the same as a Sunfish except mast, spars and sail.

    The Minifish sail is 65 sq ft, the Sunfish is 75 sq ft.

    Minifish mast is 9', Sunfish 10'

    Minifish spars are 12' 8", Sunfish are 13' 8"

    You can use the whole Sunfish rig on a Minifish, but it turbo charges it and would make it a handful for kids to learn on.

    Neil Pryde Sails once said they'd re-sew their Sunfish sail to the Minifish size..., for a price. Give them a call.

    I am curious to see your two boats side by side and hear what their dimensions are.

    Do they both have the Minifish labels?

    Does the cockpit label have a serial number on it, or is there a Hull ID stamped into the upper right of the transoms? If so, what are they?

    The daggerboard may be different for a number of reasons. One might from another brand boat, or one is a Shadow style while one is the Barrington style, or one could be from a Sailfish.

    Pictures and dimensions of these would also be interesting to see.

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