Differences in hull Phantom vs Sunfish

Discussion in 'Sunfish Talk' started by powergroove, Aug 24, 2010.

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    I have a line on a cheap Phantom, but dont know the difference between the 2. It will be the wifey's boat, so racing is not a must, just need to know if daggers are interchangeable.
    Any hull differneces also?
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    Phantom Hull is wider, lighter, and more freeboard in front part hull. When look closely you can see Phantom hull sides are not that vertical compare to sunfish. The typical one-piece construction deck-cockpit (like Laser) force sailer sit a little farther from the center.

    Also Phantom's sail is little bigger.
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    Earlier this year, 67stang wrote (see http://www.sunfishforum.com/showthread.php?t=31985):

    I enjoy the Phantom as much as my, (old 64), Sunfish. I find the Phantom to have a bigger cockpit, allowing 2 adults to sail fairly comfortable, where as the Sunfish has enough room for 1 adult and maybe a child.

    More in general, as I recall, the Phantom was advertised as an improved version of the Sunfish, and for a while, it may have been, with the rolled edges and a more powerful sail. Subsequently, the Sunfish was updated to remain competitive.
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    Sorry 'bout the poor image quality, it's the best I could locate on a quick search.


    There's also a 14' 6" Phantom in Europe, but it's a more sophisticated racing boat.

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    One thing you might want to look at. There is an inpection port in front of the daggerboard slot. Check to make sure the foam blocks are still in place, I have a couple of pieces that are detached. I took it out a while ago in some heavy air, and the deck split from the hull in 3 places.

    I'm using a Sunfish sail (no logo) on my Phantom. I've never taken the time to actually measure if the is a difference in size.

    As far as daggerboards go, I'm using a Scorpion daggerboard, so a Sunfish daggerboard should work fine. Rudders are not interchangeable.

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