Day Sailing in Cartagena, Columbia

Discussion in 'Sailing Talk' started by jerryRiggin, Aug 6, 2015.

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    So my hubby surprised me today and told me that we are going to Cartagena, Columbia in September! woohoo! I've never been there so I was checking out the nautical charts tonight to get ideas for some water exploration. From the Navionics SonarChart (see screenshot below) it looks like there is a nice ledge just off the Cartagena coast. Anyone have experience with sailing and/or snorkeling/diving there? Where should we go?
    We'd love to rent a little sailboat for a couple of days and explore. Anyone have suggestions of good rental places?
    Thanks everyone!
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    Click on the Link Below. There is a girl that is posting Video Blogs down in Cartegna right now about her sailing adventures.
    Her series is called White Spot Pirate. Hope this is helpful


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