One man rigging time

Discussion in 'Capri/Catalina 14 Talk' started by no4j, May 30, 2011.

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    Hi Dave I remember you well for we sailed together against each other many times in Prams then in 1966 when you and your bro were not getting along well I sailed with your brother John and won the 1966 windmill championship! Wow how time flies!! I am living in Roatan Honduras on a island on my 55ft Hood 55 and doing charter work you should come for a sail sometime and maybe get John to come too we can have a good old time remenising about sailing in the manatee area.:cool:

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    In a pinch the wine cork works (for the plug), I can attest (have had to use one twice now, on the Capri 14.2 and on a Zuma).

    As for needing assistance single handed to lift the capri 14.2 mast? Um, easiest thing to do is to drop the bolt in the tabernacle, and use the halyard from the ground (or better bow) to yank up the mast. It helps to have the mast slightly above horizontal for this. A mast crutch works nicely for that (I used a fabricated one I placed on the transom). I always just lifted the mast up as a dead lift (lift with your knees not your back). The halyard though is helpful to clip to the aft-most hole on the stem... that way you can increase tension on the halyard, and take your time putting the pin in at the stem.

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