Keeping the daggerboard down

Discussion in 'Laser Talk' started by usa318, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Do you know if they are issuing a measurer's ruling or something official?

    I had the APS set up at the Masters Worlds and was told I had to change it to measure in. I had to remove the line attached to the bungee cord and tie the shackle to the daggerboard. It worked ok but not quite as good as the original setup so I'd like to go back to that if it's now officially ok.
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    I had the same setup at the Masters Worlds and had no problems.
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    As a measurer, you've generally got a long queue of boats needing measuring and a limited time to do it in, give me an hour per boat and I can virtually guarantee to find something, but I'll only measure 12 boats per day, instead of the 150-200 boats I need to measure, we're going to miss things. Some measurers concentrate on certain issues, others on other things, what we hope people do is say, "well such & such wasn't allowed and I'll let everyone I see with that know it's illegal" rather than "I was let through with such & such, so it must be legal", unless you specifically request something to be interpreted as being legal or illegal by Jean-Luc and the technical committee, then I wouldn't read to much in to something being legal if it's in a greyish area.
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    I have found that as long as your brake is set correctly and the chock cord tension is not too tight then the dagger board tends to stay where you put it. No need for additonal complexity of extra lines and downhauls.... Just my 2p as always...
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    "Thank you for your submission.

    The Chief Measurer Jean-Luc Michon has now fully considered this (after discussing with APS) and has ruled that this configuration is legal within the current set of rules.

    We will be adding a photograph of this as being legal to the ILCA web site in due course.


    Clive Humphris"

    Now Officially Legal!!!
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    Listen to this guy
    " It sounds like I have the same setup as you, but I have a little piece of line, 1/8" or smaller, that is tied like a retainer between the deck blocks. When you have your bungee rigged through there, it prevents it from getting caught in the vang at the leeward mark. "

    Just put some gaffer tape on the centrecase top front edge and pull the board back slightly as u raise or lower it to minimise wear on the front leading edge.

    If a measurer gives u trouble on the bit of thin line at the luff tension/outhaul deck turning blocks rig it so it is the "Mast retaining cord" that deflects the cboard shock cord low and undr the vang block"

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