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Would love to see a picture of how you made your rudder. Took my sail boat out for the first time, Rudder parts were made of aluminum …. Bent when got up to speed. Have to make stronger.
Is the Sunfish hull still available? Is it possible to "marry" the Sunfish hull to the Sunflower mast, boom, and sail and have a working, functional sailing-vessel?
I added a picture of the sail and the dagger board and the rudder to the web site. They are all in very good condition.
Can you email me a list of the items you are selling. I am refitting a 1979 J24 and am always looking for gear...Thanks.
Got my 1981 Phantom in the water for the first time last year—sailing a Sunfish and being 59 = a real test for flexibility.
To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind, and sometimes against it. But we must not drift or lie at anchor.
I note that you inquired about Shockwave. I purchased her a little over a year ago. I have found due to my schedule that I am hardly using her. If you are interested in purchasing Shockwave, email me at I'll let her go for what I paid which is $5,500. She is located in Melbourne, FL.
Art Ahrens
Hi Bill. I believe I replied the wrong way. I posted a reponse to your post instead of simply replying to you directly. We are looking to replace our lost Pre-1971 Sunfish. We are visting our daughter in Portsmouth / Dover NH area this weekend. We live in Clayton NY and we are not in the NE area much. Would it be possible to meet you next Sunday the 22nd? I would bring our truck and plan to take it home with us.