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Nice to run into some other sunfish Sands Beach Boat Landing Port Royal South Carolina
Selling an old Sunfish built in Newberry Connecticut
Sunfish takes to work out of maintaining large boat I went out in this boat in 29 knots of wind and have pretty good control going down wind is a lot harder strong wind like that after my cell gets pulled completely forward
Would like someone to help me restore read this post mid-60s Newberry Connecticut
Hi, sorry, but the Centerboard was already sold/shipped. I will update this posting to more accurately describe what's left. Including a whole Capri 14.2 at this point, plus extras, in MN.
The boat would be used by my teen age daughter to sail in local races.
How strict are they on having official ICLA sail, tiller and centerboard?
Maybe I buy the knock offs, and see if she wins and then shell out for the legal. I would be open to used if class legal and in good shape. Which pieces would you recommend I consider ? where would I get them.
Your thoughts
Hi, As noted I just got a 1995 Laser, just the boat and blocks, need all the lines, sail, tiller, centerboard, tiller bracket.
I am near Los Angeles, I am trying to decided to buy after market "not class legal" or pay a lot more money for the class legal.
The sail is $150 vs $650. center board and tiller also seem to be at least double price.
I'm interested in both rudder cheeks. What would shipping be to 02917?

Hey. Sorry just seen this. $16.
Text me 480.243.5527. Easier. Thx.
Have have also recently Purchased a Kolbri Sailboat. I have spoken to Gord at Glenmore he has been very helpful. I would not mind exchanging some picture. I am questioning if the rudder on mine is original. In addition the keel was broke in half I am busy trying to repair it.
I'm looking for parts to make new rudder - need a cheek assembly and the tiller straps. Do you have any?

Are you absolutely set on buying a Sunfish sailboat? Chinese boats have major quality problems. Did you ever consider Europe dinghy? If one day you are in San Diego CA, please let me know and I will set up a boat for you. I race in the Sunfish Club and you can read about it here: Home - Sunfish San Diego Club
Take care,
Leszek (Les Piehl)
Another member on the forum suggested reaching out to you as perhaps you can help me out:

In recently acquiring my 1981 Sunfish, I realized the rudder does not have the tension springs attached.

1. Do you have an extra set you are willing to sell & ship to me to NJ?
2. Can I substitute the Sunfish parts for tension springs purchased elsewhere?
3. If so, what is the length & diameter of the springs?

Thank you!
I have a Alcort Flying Fish. Recently acquired the correct centerboard. Can anyone provide information as to what may have been used to replace the two strips of material screwed to the bottom of the hull where the centerboard would be lowered into the water. The original strips (left and right) were of a semis rigid plastic. Assume the strips add friction to board and hold back water.
You should post this in the Sunfish Talk section of the Sunfish Forum
I can't ship this. If you can make if to Merritt Island, FL you are welcome to pick it up. Price: $150
Thanks for quick reply! Only part I need is the mast base plug (that holds mast secure). Are you willing to sell that for less? Understand if not. Thanks again.

Hi Tim, Are these sails still available? I'm interested in the genoa. The shipping would be to New Brunswick,so not complicated by customs.
Re: your sail up for sale. I might do $600 - Are you coming to Marsh Creek for the 40th Anniversary Philadelphia regatta this Saturday? Thanks