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I saw you were trying to sell a boat in Texas. Did you ever sell it? I couldn't find your listing.

I may be in the market and I'm in Dallas. I would like information if you haven't sold it. Most of the boats I've looked at are on the east or west coast.
Could you please send pictures of your trailer (Overall, wheels, springs, lights etc)? Many thanks
Hi Bob-Saw your post about getting into Lasers. Check out our online course There are some free preview lessons there. Guys new to Laser found it to help jump the learning curve. 30 day guarantee. It also comes with access to our online coaching support platform where there is a lot of discussion, video analysis etc. on Laser sailing every day and answers from top coaches.
Can you offer some more details on the Laser? Is this a standard Laser? Is the sail a full cut or radial? What year was the hull made?
Hey, I sail on Lake Wallenpaupack. I see your close by and was wondering if you knew of any local sunfishes for sale.
Is the Scorpion really a clone of the SF? I have just purchased a Scorpion and have started the task of refurbishment. It would seem most parts interchangeable with Sunfish but are the dimensions the same? If there are major differences, what are they? A novice in need of help.
Hello - I am interested in the sunfish only - don't need trailer. Are you willing to sell boat separately?
Thank you. Roger McCloughan
Is your laser sailboat still for sale? Please let me know. I am interested.
7665 491 0305
Hi Dave,

What is your budget? I have a few spinnakers and mains.
Dave Packer
Don’t have a budget specifically. Team of four club racing in Bermuda. Looking for some good sails. Picked up a like new quantum Genoa. Just destroyed a spinnaker and spare is ok as a second. Would like a good spinnaker. Main is patched and needs to be replaced.
Hi Saw you were looking for j24 genoa, have one that has two days on it if youre interested.
This has been on marketplace for a while, overpriced and now the end of the season. Haven't seen it but it is local for you to look at.

Hi - I'm a newbie.... so, there's no dumb questions, right? So, why does my 1960 sunfish seem to weigh a TON when the spec have listed weight @ 100 lbs.? I think I had some animals nesting inside the boat for a year or 2 and there may be some rather large nests. How do I clean the inside of boat without taking off the top or drilling holes? I'm ready for suggestions. THANK YOU