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Hello, Are you still looking to sell your sunfish? I also live in Charlotte and am looking to purchase a sunfish. When you have a chance, please let me know. Thanks!
Thank you for responding to my post in the Super Sunfish Rigging thread, Sailcraftri!

Question: Are you offering two options for the Vang Assembly (3:1 or 4:1)?

If so, which do you recommend considering my 13 yo son and I are beginner sailors?

My tiller extension broke/sheared off the tiller where it is connected by a ball-like rubber part. Tiller extension and tiller are metal.
What is the best way to replace this or fix this? I sail a Classic rig Laser and do not race. I sail for leisure and like to go really fast. Thanks

I'm interested in the Lasers you have listed.

My email is:

Please let me know the best way to communicate with you. I'm definitely interested in the opportunity. Is your asking price Canadian dollars?

Thank you.

do you have all white sails with racing window back in stock
I have class legal used race sails by North. Otherwise colored recreation sails with windows.
Hi I'm interested in buying your j24, my number is 904 612 0239. I'm up in Jax but I can drive down and pick it up if the trailer is in good working order.

Good Afternoon, I've recently come across a comment of yours on a thread from 2016 stating that you might have a Scorpion rudder assembly available for purchase. Is the rudder still available and if so how much would it take to purchase it shipped to 53188?

Thank you and take care
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I'll be bringing my Sunfish back to our club middle of next month. You can take it out for a sail then if you want. I'm in Sharon, Ma.
I've sailed both of the boats you have and a Sunfish will be like heaven compared to the Snark. It's much faster, smoother and easier to sail fast.
Gray Young
Gray Young
Wow that would be fantastic. I am out in Western Ma but it's only an hour and a half to Sharon so that sounds like fun.
I am new to Sunfish and forums. I just bought a used one. When I turn it over I can see and hear water. It appears to be much heavier than it should. I have read about putting inspection hatches. Doesn't seem like there is much to it. I have found very little about water logged styrofoam. Also, I have no idea of it's age Can I locate where to put a port by going to a spot that sounds hollow?
if you bought it used, odds are that the boat has had this leak a long time, and the styrofoam is water saturated. 1). Drain the boat. 2) cut inspection port holes. 3) let the boat completely dry out.
4). Install inspection ports - I did two and very glad I did. 3). With the boat dry, use the process from the link above to find any leaks.
I don’t check my personal messages often, so post any questions on the link above. The process of fixing your boat seems scary at first - but it’s not. It is easy and manageable overall. (At least it’s was for me - and I’m not mechanically inclined).
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SC - I saw your post about having plastic bushing/washers for a sunfish rudder? Do you still have them? I'm building a new rudder for a friend and have the old broken rudder I'm working off of a template. One other question I have, is there a bushing in the bolt hole itself? I assume so, otherwise the metal bolt would wear through the finish and expose the wood, but I only see posts about the flat washer.

I know this message was a while ago. I was not looking at these alerts. I do have the plastic bushings available but by now you may already have some. There is not a plastic bushing in the bolt hole for the Sunfish. The Force 5 did use one. You can certainly add one if you prefer.