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Hi - the sunfish you asked about yesterday is 1979 vintage. Sorry - I would have answered directly to your inquiry, but for some reason that was blocked. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks. Roger
New member here, just joined and have been enjoying the posts. My Dad taught me to sail a Sunfish back in 1977. We had it on our old family home located on a good sized lake in Wisconsin. I sailed whenever I visited which wasn't that often. After visiting for a few weeks this July, I decided I needed a way to sail out here in northern California. So I bought a new Sunfish and can't wait for it to arrive!
Hey, good for you! I’ve been sailing a Catalina 22 sloop for a few years; but, my wife wanted a Sunfish. A 1977 popped up on Craigslist about a month ago. I spent today recarpetting the bunks on the trailer, and tomorrow I’ll put the new sail on. Probably next weekend we’ll take it out for our first sail - very much looking forward to it! Congratulations on your new Sunfish ... please post a few pictures of it!
Chris - I am trying to contact you concerning this boat. Can you possibly telephone me at 903 342 3210? I live in Winnsboro about 40 -45 miles north of Tyler on Highway 37.
All the best
Lawrence Prazak
I am looking for a 470 Olympic mast goose neck, but I'll take all your spare parts for $200.00
Where are you located in NY? I am interested in your laser. Please call me at (267)688-8488. Ted
Would love to see a picture of how you made your rudder. Took my sail boat out for the first time, Rudder parts were made of aluminum …. Bent when got up to speed. Have to make stronger.
Is the Sunfish hull still available? Is it possible to "marry" the Sunfish hull to the Sunflower mast, boom, and sail and have a working, functional sailing-vessel?
I added a picture of the sail and the dagger board and the rudder to the web site. They are all in very good condition.