Zuma vs. Laser boom

Alan Glos

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Dear Laser folks,

Last week I bought a used Sunfish that was missing the Sunfish mast.
In place of the Vanguard Sunfish mast, the previous owner was using a round Vanguard boom as a mast. I now want to sell the boom (it is vitrually brand new) and buy a new Sunfish mast. I first thought the boom was a Laser boom as it is the same tube size (same diameter and length) and has the nice blue end caps and "Vanguard" brand outhaul clam cleated mounted in the top center of the boom. But on closer inspection, the blocks were not Laser blocks (smaller diameter sheaves) and the block at the outboard end of the boom was not at the very end of the boom like I see on the Laser boom. I looked at the drawings that Vanguard has at its www.teamvanguard.com website, and I what think I have a very nice (almost brand new) Zuma boom.

Can anybody in Laserland tell me if: (a) This is a Zuma boom and (b) Could this boom be reconfigured for use on a Laser by relocating the blocks and positioning them in Laser configuration on the underside of the boom (I recognize that this may not result in a race legal rig if a non-Laser boom is modified.)

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Alan Glos