Zhik SuperWarm

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One day last week, I went to Layline and talked to Mike about wetsuits. I ended up with a SuperWarm and hiking pads.

I have not sailed with it yet, so no experience there. However, the suit appears to be very well made, and is extremely light. It will be interesting to see how warm I stay when it is 40 degrees outside!

I am going to two regattas next month - one is on an inland lake, and I hear the water is cold this time of year. Can't wait to try the suit!
Yea, ive got a pair of their 3/4 hikers, was really surprised when i first picked them up, way lighter than anything else id tried. apparenttly 3.5mm Zhik = 5mm normal neopreme, not sure if I completely believe this but i'll know this weekend.
The Hot top looks great, the only worry I have is when combined with Zhik 3/4 hikers (the low cut not bib version) and the semi dry , im lacking much neopreme on my upper body if I end up in the water it could be quite cold. Anyone got any thoughts on this?