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Zhik Skiff Suit size XL, like new $175 (250 new)

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Bought new, used literally twice. Like new, perfect condition. See more info here:


For sizing, I am 6'1", 185lbs and this suit fits me perfectly. Probably could also have gone w/a large but was sort of in between and went with the bigger size.

These are the best sailing wetsuits going, in my opinion. The microfleece lining is what makes them great. You get more warmth with less thickness because when wet, the microfleece holds body-warmed water against the skin. When dry, the microfleece is much more comfortable than unlined neoprene.

These go for $250 everywhere I've found. I will let it go for $175 plus actual cost of shipping, via Paypal. Guaranteed to be LIKE NEW. Perfect condition. No signs of wear at all.

>>>Please don't private message me as I may not get it in a timely fashion. Instead, email me at glcl1@ca.rr.com<<<
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