Zhik powerpads

I bought a pair and used them for a while. For me the Velcro holding the pads in the sleeves wasn't strong enough and
they kept sliding out. I actually lost one and found it floating along the shore after a race. I had to take them off between races and retuck them back in. I eventually bought some additional Velcro strips and glued them into the sleeves. That seemed to fix the problem. However, I stopped using altogether them because hiking without them doesn't really bother my thighs.
If I did it again I would probably buy full hiking pants (the kind with shoulder straps).


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I like my powerpads, the versatility of the 3 suits are great for someone who sails in all temperatures. Also the pads are very sturdy to hike on. Go for the smallest sizes you can squeeze into to help keep the pads in place.