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Zhik powerpads - best wetsuit bottom combo?


For those with experience using the new Zhik powerpads- what is your favorite powerpad/wetsuit bottom combo?
So far, I've only tried them with a Gill wetsuit short, which just don't stay up... dad bod problems, I guess.

The shorts slide, and the pads go with them....I'm guessing I need something with suspenders, which is a bummer since it's summer in FL.

I'm also short, with thicker legs (I bought the L), and the pads feel long. Anyone here trim the pads down a bit?



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I gave up on those pads 10 years ago, they ride up and out of the pockets. The pads felt long to me and I'm 6 ft. I have not seen anyone use them at any regatta up in the northeast. I use SEA airprene 3/4 hiking pants all year long. On my second pair.


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Just in general, how much help do you get from hiking pants? I sail in warmer climates and have been reluctant to add the layers, tbh. Just curious.


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I wear them every time I sail in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Hiking is more comfortable and you also get knee protection for light air.


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Mine fit fine under any wetsuit, and winter is the only time I wear them. They move around too much to just be worn under boardshorts.
Being tall 6'4" and 98kg, I rarely have enough wind sailing mostly inland to really need to hike out to the outer limits.


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I use the Zhik Microfleece X skiff suit with the current Powerpads here in Perth, Western Australia and they're great! Everyone else who's with the western australian sailing team who sails lasers also uses the power pads. They're great. We get 25+ knot seabreezes in summer and 40 knot low pressure systems through in the winter (when it's not glassout). I reckon the skiff suit doesn't really matter but the zhik ones seem to be made for the powerpads. The main thing that matters is getting the hiking pads that fit. they expand a little bit when they've been wet for a while so get a smaller size than you initially think.