Zhik in North America?

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Does anyone know a good way to get Zhik stuff in North America? Any retailers carry the stuff? Their site has a US section, but there appears to be no option to ship to the US or Canada... and I can't find a company that carries hikers. APS carries boots, but nothing else. I'm looking for a new pair of hikers and possibly a hiking strap, so if anyone know where to get their stuff, it would be a great help.
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I would, but I'm looking for short leg hikers instead of 3/4, and I don't like the Rooster strap. Otherwise, Rooster is awesome. I have a race skin, and I lover their polilite mainsheets.

Ross B

yea, the race skin is awsome

try the SEA short hikers, i have their 3/4, and if there anything as good as the 3/4, there gonna be like sex
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darb said:
The whole zhik line is in the new APS catalog that just came out.
Sweet. I don't get the catalog, so I wouldn't know. I hope they stick it on the site before the racing season starts up in a couple of weeks. Anyways, thanks for the info.
TimClark said:
How well does the Zhik hiking/boot system work? I mean it sounds like an awesome idea, but does it really work?
The system works for it's intended purpose quite well. The gear is solid and they back up their stuff with good customer service.

I only have a problem with the mainsheet snagging between the front of the strap and cockpit. I think the strap should have rounded corner on the front edge to prevent this.
Hello? The thread is Zhik availability. Poster says APS does not carry anything but boots. A new catalog showed up today, and the Zhik line IS now available at APS. Any problem?