Zero - low wind propulsion (legal or otherwise)

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Just had my second sail in a laser yesturday in very light wind. I ended up wondering the best way of propelling the boat when the wind dies. (I could have drifted back with the tide but didn't want to wait)

I did a bit of flapping the rudder (sculling?) and paddling with one hand while steering with the other but on my way back I ended up securing the tiller with the traveler and then lying along the bow and doing front crawl.

I heard of someone sheeting in and then standing infront of the mast shifting their weight from leg to leg to rock the boat and flap the sail - is this faster?

Does anyone use paddles / table tennis bats?

Obviously you can't do this in a race but you could use it on the way to/from a race or if you are just pottering.
When the wind dies, the best way I have found to get moving is to flip the rudder up, stand on the bow holding the mainsheet, and slowly rock the boat. This propels the boat just like repeatedly roll tacking would, but you have better control of the boat because you are holding the mast.
The rocking motion is usually from vertical to about 20 degrees heel and back again, with slight heels to windward to help steer. It is very important to flip the rudder up and steer by heeling the boat because otherwise the rudder will get off-center and you will just spin.
I have found this method to be much faster than swimming the boat along, paddling it along, or sculling.
Hi everyone

I have found if you get a very long tiller extension stand right at the bow holding the mainsheet in one hand and the tiller in the other.Then rock the boat as much as you want . If there is a bit of wind and you can see were it is coming from do the above but if you have to tack cleat the main and put the tiller on the new windward side (or what is going to be the new windward side )and roll tack it but from the bow or as far foward as possible . if you dont want to tack this way you can allways go back into the cockpit and roll tack it but needs to be a good rolltack .

hope this helps :)