Zen Sport Tillers and Ext.

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I was browsing around on google a little bit lately, and I stumbled upon this site I'd never seen before. It was called Zen Sport (www.zensport.co.nz) and it sold carbon stuff. It sells carbon laser tillers and extensions too. They looked really amazing in the pictures, and the thing that really got me is that I've never seen anybody with any of these. They look like the acme ones but higher quality... has anyone tried these before?

ps. Also, not to get ot, but I've got some scratches on my wear plate on my acme tiller; what do you think I could do about that? They are all artificial scratches, if you know what I mean (not deep) Could I use steel wool or something? It's really ugly...


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I too found the website. I did try to contact them a few times without sucess, so that might be the reason why you do not see them being used on mass.

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yeah, they seem like really cool tillers and extentions. I assume the roller is like a ball bearing? Pretty specialized company, huh? Very beautiful carbon though.:eek:

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If you are worried about the scratches on your ACME tiller wear plate you MUST be sailing really fast!

Sorry for the sarchasim, but IMHO the two main concerns with carbon tillers should be profile and weight. I think the ACME provides the most reasonable and dependable solution.