Zach And Paige Railey Orange Bowl Clinic

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Hi this is Paige and Zach Railey. We will be hosting a clinic on the 22nd,23rd and 26th of December before the Orange Bowl regatta. We will also be coaching at the Orange Bowl regatta. If you are interested in the clinic or the coaching please let us know by contacting us at:


Zach and Paige
Come on Zach you know it's just you typing pretending to be your sister again :D . For any of you young guys out there that were posting earlier about clinics and training opportunities this would be one great opportunity plus you get to race at the Orange Bowl....well worth the trip...
You're right, that is a great opportunity! i need a little help though-can you guys get me out of school, fly my boat and myself to florida from maine, and give me a room to stay at for 2 weeks?

oh, nevermind....
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Yes we will be having other clinics. I will be hosting a clinic and will be coaching at the laser Mid-Winters East in Feb. I will post more details leading up to the event so please keep your eyes open. Thanks.