Your advice on repairing these holes

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I've just bought a 1985 (I think) vintage black magic.
It's spent the last few years stored indoors and apart from it requiring a good clean, and the sail being eaten by mice, the only real problem is that when it was last used it dropped off its trailer which punched two holes in the hull half way between the waterline and the deck.
The holes are about 8mm wide and 50mm high.

Any thoughts how I should fix these? I'm not sure they really warrant being glasssed on the inside as they're so narrow. Think they could just be filled and finished with gelcoat?

I'd rather not put an inspection port in unless necessary.
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ahhh, yes.......just read that. Very informative. If I can get a small patch though the hole then I think it's the best solution.
I've not done much in the way of glass repairs (usually just do the damage!), so it's mostly new to me.

Def. holes, shame but then I only paid £150 for the boat.
I think your actually in the best position with the shape of these holes...e.g as they are more like slots, you can just post your patch thru with line attached and then pull back against inside...