Young Sailors documenting their journeys on Youtube.

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For about a year now I have been watching Youtube videos of young sailors document their journeys around the world. I have found them highly enjoyable and they remind me of a time when I myself was filled with the same youthful vigor they display. The spirits of these kids show me the future of the lifestyle I had been so blessed to live (and now cannot continue for health reasons) is in good hands. I am posting a link below that has a few of the video series linked together so that watching the videos in sequence is now possible. I really enjoy S/V Delos and Wicked Salty. There is another series I'd also recommend called Sailing LaVagabonde that is not apart of the page but an be found on Youtube. Anyways, I hope these videos bring you as much enjoyment as they have brought me and if you have any other suggestions please let me know below.
I have also written emails to a few of them and have always gotten a response. Anyways I thought I'd share their story. I only wish this would have been around when I was their age. (Thats ok though, its all upstairs and thats good enough for me) Enjoy.