Young Sailer needs some Help

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Hello there i am a Young Sailor and need some help with rigging questions for a Invitation 3.8 12 ft.

I am fairly new to sailing have received my White Sail II, and trained on 420s on a lake, i purchased a second hand Invitation Laser built by Bombardier. It was bit beat up had a few holes after sitting on a front yard for a few seasons. Purchased it from the wife of the owner who passed away a few years back and boats(also a Catamaran missing a few parts).

Ive Fixed the wholes and built a new Dagger board. The biggest issue i seem to be having is Rigging with my Main sheet.

I am missing a few parts:
Boom Vain
Nothing to keep sail attached to shaft of boom.( not end of boom but shaft)
proper blocks for rigging.
Knowing how to rig main sheet

I have one main block, attaches to floor of boat. is a ratchet block with a Harken Cleat attached to it.

Sorry for such a long post, but ive been trying it out for few summers and havent seem to been able to figure it out thought i would look for some help.

any help would be greatly appreciated
There are a few pics here that may help you figure out what you need.

The sail is a loose footed design - it only needs to be attached at the tack and clew

It looks like it used the standard Laser vang, which is nothing more then a self cleating 3-1 system - someone may be selling one in the for sale section, worth checking out.

If you can post a couple pics of the boom and deck, we can give you some more specific advice on what you need.
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Yeah sorry i dont have any pics as of yet, i will have to get some im sure that could make it more clear.

But yes my boat looks Very Similar to the one posted above.

Anyone have any good links to where to look for some boat parts.

Just looking at this

i think i am missing these parts

Vang Strap Kit
Bullet Block kit ( i have a few blocks but im not sure which is right one to use)
Becklet Block Kit
Vang tang Kit

Mostly just the Vang, i just dont want to buy these and find they wont work.
Some places to look:
If you want original Laser parts - try your closest Laser dealer or one of the online dealers such as APS

If you want knockoff Laser parts - Intensity Sails

If you want to adapt regular hardware (ie boom vang tangs, ball bearing blocks, etc)
Try your local sailboat dealer or a place like West Marine,%20Snaps%20&N=377%20710%201795&langId=-1&page=CategoryDisplayLevel1&omniTag=Category:Eyestraps,%20Fairleads,%20Bails&PopularCat=No&storeId=10001

In general, genuine Laser parts are way overpriced and simplistic in design. The knockoffs try to fix the pricing issue but are still simplistic in design.

Since you are not constrained by Laser class rules, you could rig the boat with ball bearing blocks etc that work much better and cost less $$

For example - the vang tang on the mast...
Laser class approved - $24.00
Knock off - $14.00 -
Adapt a standard tang - $6.00 -